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Alexander Technique during Pregnancy and Childbirth

Pregnant women experience an array of changes within their bodies and need to pay particular attention to how they accommodate a new life that's taking up space, weight and balance.

Back Pain, in particular low back pain, is probably the most common complaint among pregnant women. As the Baby grows, the center of balance changes. With more weight in the front, the tendency is to lean back, which produces of pressure on the lower back and sacrum. With a lot of pressure on the back and sacrum, other parts of the body will try to compensate as well - so not only will a pregnant woman often end up with lower back pain, but with tired shoulders and tired feet and legs as well. Yet a pregnant woman does not need to sacrifice her back or limit her movements

The Alexander Technique will help to

  • adjust gradually to the growing weight
  • decompress the spine
  • bend efficiently from the hips
  • distribute the weight of the baby through the entire body
  • manage digestive and pulmonary problems

During Childbirth the Technique will help

  • Release muscle tension during contractions
  • Sit and squat comfortably
  • Counteract the tendency to tense the whole body
  • Focus on breathing
  • Connect to the natural tendency to push

The Alexander Technique can also be a great tool in recovering from childbirth and adjusting to the new challenges of parenthood. Lifting and holding the Baby, as well as feeding, changing and dressing can put a whole other strain onto a woman's body. Using the Principles of Awareness, Inhibition and Direction, she will find a much easier way to cope with the new challenge of being a Mom.

Article by Anke Perkert

David Gutiérrez Beired

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David Gutiérrez Beired // Yvonne Craddock

Qualified teachers by STAT (Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique)


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