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Voice Training

Group courses and / or individual work

For people of all ages wishing to discover a method of performing their daily activities with less effort and who are interested in both the prevention of voice problems and the development of their voice to its full potential.
Classes have a maximum of 15 participants, in order to cover the needs of all.

Course Description:

During the six / seven weeks we will review the basic processes involved in Vocal Production learning a method of re-education in the use of ourselves.

Each class will introduce one or two principles of vocal technique in a practical way without effort leading to the achievement of better pose, health, and tone.

Complementing the theoretical part, we will achieve greater assimilation through exercises and games.


  • To acquire the basic knowledge of the principles of the Alexander Technique and how to apply them practically in the use of voice.
  • To make us more aware of our vocal habits that interfere with our own structure , expression and natural functioning.
  • To begin to learn how to use newly acquired patterns of speech, we serve as a working tool and allow further development.

More details:

For details on these courses (number of classes, specific program, budget, etc.), contact us

David Gutiérrez Beired

Yvonne Craddock

Tel 089 2372790

Qualified teachers by STAT (Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique)


Alexander Technique: Kilkenny & Tipperary

Tel 089 2372790

David Gutiérrez Beired // Yvonne Craddock

Qualified teachers by STAT (Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique)


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