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What is it? ...

What is the Alexander Technique about?

This is normally the first question that people usually ask when they come to my classes and is the same question that I asked myself back in 1994. The best answer I can give is:

"The Alexander Technique is directly related with the way that you USE yourself."

And the next question is normally : what is this "USE"?

Well, lets say that's al that you do in your day to day life:

  • the way you position your body,
  • how you treat yourself,
  • the messages that you give yourself,
  • the amount of energy that you put into your activities,
  • the way that your nervous system reacts to stimuli

And most importantly: What decision making capacity do we actually have?

Can you allow your body to move naturally and without interference or are you a slave to your habit? If so, over time these habits can lead to many problems including chronic back pain, body tension, stiffness, emotional problems etc.

What self control do you have when faced with stressful situations?

Is the stimulus causing you to overreact or can you stop at the neuromuscular response degree and choose to respond in a more appropriate way?

And another equally interesting question how do we become aware of these habits which cause these reactions if we have spend out whole lives repeating them?

We are so used to our habits that normally we have little idea of the existence and amount of tension that we carry around with us.

This is where the Alexander Technique can help. We need somebody from outside to help us recognize our habits, show us that there may be another muscle tone which can allow us to do the activities and teach us how to choose and guide us to a different way of doing things.

The surprising thing is that we do not need to do any exercises, keep our bodies in any position or behave in any particular way to benefit from the Alexander Technique. Quite the opposite. With the help of our teacher, we learn to identify how we are interfering with our natural use and how to avoid this interference.

Overtime we regain our natural poise, balance, awareness and capacity for learning.

David Gutiérrez Beired

Yvonne Craddock

Tel 089 2372790

Qualified teachers by STAT (Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique)

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fila de gente

Alexander Technique: Kilkenny & Tipperary

Tel 089 2372790

David Gutiérrez Beired // Yvonne Craddock

Qualified teachers by STAT (Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique)


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